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Bring Backup is a weekly rewatch podcast about California teen noir Veronica Mars. Longtime Veronica Mars fans Sam NeSmith and Meg Lindsay are watching and discussing every episode of the show, beginning with the mystery that started it all, the murder of Veronica’s best friend Lilly Kane.


Sam NeSmith lives in Los Angeles and works at a tech company with her co-host Meg. When she’s not watching and talking about Veronica Mars with Meg, she’s probably reading a book, baking, or evangelizing some other TV show she loves.

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Meg Lindsay has been wishing she was Veronica Mars since 2003. She designs emails and blog headers at her day job in Atlanta and illustrates Buffy quotes by night. Her german shepherd, Mango, howl sings to “We Used to Be Friends” every time.

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Theme music - Luke Webster

Photography - Lizzy Johnston

Web and logo design - Meg Lindsay

Bring Backup Podcast
Atlanta, Georgia